Case study

Team Love

Multi Event Infrastructure Management System

Team Love deliver multiple events across locations in the UK and Europe. They needed a system to manage Contractors, Infrastructure requests and Scheduling tha could be accessed from their offices, or from an iPad in a rainy field, or a web browser on a site computer in Croatia.

The Claris FileMaker platform allowed them to do all this and more. By integrating with an Email delivery platform (Mailjet) and their Accountancy Package (Xero), not only were they able to cut down on user errors and increase data fidelity, they reduced the amount of time required to action purchases, and improved relationships with contractors and suppliers through improved messaging functionality.

Technologies Leveraged:• Claris FileMaker WebDirect• Claris FileMaker Pro• Claris FileMaker Server• Xero Accounting Integration• Mailjet HTML Email Integration.

Team Love Event Management Dashboard